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RSVP Today for the 2014 Creating Community Breakfast!

It’s a Springs Thing.

Citizens Project  launched an awareness campaign this week that simultaneously highlights the strides made in the areas of diversity, equality, religious freedom, and civic engagement and invites participation in creating a more inclusive community. The awareness campaign is designed to be aspirational: shifting the conversation about the Colorado Springs community to highlight its successes rather than call attention to its deficits. The campaign includes billboards, social media, print, and online ads, and was made possible through the generosity of Lunchbucket Creative, Lamar Outdoor Advertising, the Colorado Springs Independent, and ...

2014 CCB: We are looking for Table Captains!

The 2014 Creating Community Breakfast will be held on Tuesday, June 5th from 7:30 - 8:30 am at the Double Tree. And we need YOU to help out by volunteering to be a Table Captain! There will be two Table Captain Kickoffs held at the CP Office on March 19th and 25th, both at 5 pm. Contact Anya if you are interested in being a 2014 Table Captain to let her know which kickoff you would like to attend! We're excited to have your marvelous help!


If you love Colorado Springs (and we know you do) join Citizens Project and the Pikes Peak Equality Coalition to spread the love today in our city: Follow the action on Twitter and use #IHeartCOS to share your own reasons for loving this city Change your own profile picture to the image at the right Take a selfie and share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers why you ♥ Colorado Springs Finally check out this Buzzfeed article to see why others love Colorado Springs and maybe get some inspiration yourself! We believe in the transformative power of language. By changing the conversation about our community, we can change our ...

2014 Divine Award Recap

Last night 125 community members gathered at Citizens Project’s Divine Award Celebration on February 11 to honor the 2014 Divine Award recipient, June Waller, and the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Recipient, Judy Noyes. Rosemary Harris Lytle, 2012 Divine Award recipient, emceed the evening and 2009 Divine Award recipient Richard Skorman presented Judy Noyes’s award to her husband, Dick Noyes, after delivering a beautiful speech about both of their amazing contributions to the Colorado Springs community. Then, following a powerful “Top Ten Reasons June Waller is Divine” Presentation, past award recipients presented Ms Waller with the 2014 Award....

Thanks to Everyone Who Attended Growlers to Give!

A big thank you to everyone who came to Trinity Brewing on Friday night for Growlers to Give! The event was a great success and we had a lot of fun! Here is a link to the video we had playing in the back!

A Note from Our Friends at Inside/Out

Dear friends of Inside/Out, Immediately following the fire that engulfed our Inside/Out home earlier this year, so many of you stepped forward to help. We were inspired and humbled to see our community standing in solidarity with our incredible youth, and I can't begin to thank you enough for your generosity of time, talent, and treasure. Because of you, Inside/Out Youth Services: Raised more than $90,000 at our recent Ally Up! Breakfast event, ensuring our fiscal health and ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances; Has a temporary home at the Tim Gill Center for Public Media, allowing the 512 young people we serve annually to be ...

See How Kids React to Same Sex marriage Proposals (and SMILE)

Recently, TheFineBros showed children videos of women proposing to women and men proposing to men. While some children were confused at first, ultimately, they all couldn't understand why gay marriage is so often considered wrong and in most states it isn't legal. Watch the video here.

Check Out Our Streetbeat Interview!

We recently had the privilege to talk with Coba Hoban of KRXP and KILO about Citizens Project and Indy Give! The interview aired on Sunday morning at 6 am, but for those of you who might have missed it, we have a copy of it for you here! Additionally, check out our page on the Indy Give! website and make a donation! www.indygive.com/cp