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Freedom to marry vs. freedom of religion

by Ken Burrows In the 7/11/15 edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette, the chair of the El Paso County Commission, Amy Lathen, argued that the legalization of gay marriage represents an assault on religious freedom, going so far as to speculate whether a Christian pastor who refuses to perform a gay marriage based on his church’s stand against it will be hauled off to jail, or if religious leaders will be silenced by government for preaching in favor of traditional marriage. This paranoiac mood has been joined in by other critics of the recent Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage, such as GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee ...

Becoming Whole

By Sarah Musick I had a lovely childhood. I sincerely did. My parents were hardworking, god-fearing, loving people with big imaginations. They taught my siblings and I that “If you can dream it, you can find a way to make it happen.” They took the twenty acres my grandfather gave them and built a stunning log cabin. It took them five years to complete. They cut 115 straight, tall, poplar trees to build our home. In hindsight, they wanted their children to be like those poplar trees. Straight. And tall. I aspired to follow in the footsteps of my father and my father’s father and become a Southern Baptist preacher. I couldn’t because I ...

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion has Something to say for Anti-LGBT Propaganda at the Olympics

We're pretty fond of the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion's response to much of Russia's anti-LGBT propaganda surrounding this year's Olympic Games: Watch the video on Buzzfeed here      

“Transgender People Are Paying The Price For The Media’s Willful Ignorance”

Buzzfeed, often known for its listicles and pop culture reporting, recently posted an article entitled "Transgender People are Paying the Price for the Media's Willful Ignorance," where author Saeed Jones points out the media's clear disinterest in transgender issues lest they "are in prison, brutalized or dead." Jones's blunt critique of the media's portrayal of transgender people and their lives is one that everyone should take to heart and remember next time some article conveniently "forgets" that the person it's reporting on is first and foremost a person and not not a way to sell papers.

A Note from Our Friends at Inside/Out

Dear friends of Inside/Out, Immediately following the fire that engulfed our Inside/Out home earlier this year, so many of you stepped forward to help. We were inspired and humbled to see our community standing in solidarity with our incredible youth, and I can't begin to thank you enough for your generosity of time, talent, and treasure. Because of you, Inside/Out Youth Services: Raised more than $90,000 at our recent Ally Up! Breakfast event, ensuring our fiscal health and ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances; Has a temporary home at the Tim Gill Center for Public Media, allowing the 512 young people we serve annually to be ...

See How Kids React to Same Sex marriage Proposals (and SMILE)

Recently, TheFineBros showed children videos of women proposing to women and men proposing to men. While some children were confused at first, ultimately, they all couldn't understand why gay marriage is so often considered wrong and in most states it isn't legal. Watch the video here.

We Had a Great Time at Pride This Weekend!


Take action – support Civil Unions!

Update: On Tuesday, March 12, 2013, Colorado legislators made history by voting IN FAVOR of Civil Unions in the state. Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this important legislation pass, and all those committed couples who will now be afforded very basic relationship recognition. Onward, friends! Civil Unions, a critical step toward full equality for committed LGBTQ couples across Colorado, suffered a minor setback last year when it was killed in special session. Citizens Project supporters joined with partners and activists statewide to promise that justice will prevail. And with your help, justice will prevail TOMORROW.  ...