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The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion has Something to say for Anti-LGBT Propaganda at the Olympics

We're pretty fond of the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion's response to much of Russia's anti-LGBT propaganda surrounding this year's Olympic Games: Watch the video on Buzzfeed here      

“Transgender People Are Paying The Price For The Media’s Willful Ignorance”

Buzzfeed, often known for its listicles and pop culture reporting, recently posted an article entitled "Transgender People are Paying the Price for the Media's Willful Ignorance," where author Saeed Jones points out the media's clear disinterest in transgender issues lest they "are in prison, brutalized or dead." Jones's blunt critique of the media's portrayal of transgender people and their lives is one that everyone should take to heart and remember next time some article conveniently "forgets" that the person it's reporting on is first and foremost a person and not not a way to sell papers.

The VRA and the Path to Freedom

by Lionel Washington, Citizens Project Board Member The US Supreme Court is hearing a case from Shelby County Alabama challenging the 1965 Voting Rights Act on the grounds it violates Tenth Amendment to Constitution protecting states’ rights.  Shelby County argues that the section 5 provision of the Voting Rights Act calling for pre-clearance from the Federal Government to review any changes to that state’s voting laws that might be discriminatory in nature or disenfranchise a specific group of voters. Shelby County also argues that the VRA does not reflect the modern values of Shelby County and the Supreme Court should overturn the VRA to ...

How to talk to, with and about the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual & Transgender Communities

Hosted by the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum, featuring Jace Woodrum, Deputy Executive Director ofOne Colorado in partnership with MAP NOV. 16th from 1-3pm Tim Gill Center for Public Media 315 E. Costilla St. Colorado Springs, CO 80903 FREE RSVP TODAY! rsvp@cospdiversityforum.org Learn the terminology to communicate respectfully, learn what is offensive and why, gain an understanding of the inequities faced by individuals in these communities and learn to avoid common communication pitfalls. Dialogue with fellow attendees about the information garnered in the presentation. Flyer

Citizens Project: Celebrating 20 Years of Creating Community

Citizens Project thanks The Big Something at KRCC for this beautiful retrospective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke7ToDEChAE&feature=player_embedded

Join Us in Thanking Colorado Springs School District 11 Board Members Who Voted YES to Keeping ALL Students Safe in School!

On June 13th, COS School District 11 Board of Directors voted to include gender expression, gender identity and transgender status, as well as sexual orientation, in anti-discrimination and harassment policies pertaining to students and staff. Citizens Project is a proud member of the Pikes Peak Safe @ School Coalition, led by Inside/Out Youth Services, which worked with the school district's board and staff to provide input on the anti-discrimination policy.  The policy change brings D11 -- the largest in the Pikes Peak Region with around 30,000 students in 60 schools -- into alignment with anti-bullying law HB1254 passed over a year ago. This is ...