What D11 Should Look for in a New Superintendent

Joint Statement – Citizens Project and Neighbors for Education

A candidate for Superintendent should demonstrate the ability to build momentum through visionary leadership, a talent for creating and spearheading student-focused, creative programs that deliver results, and a deep understanding of the need to inspire a Public Education community to attain aggressive goals through collaboration and innovative use of resources while serving an incredibly diverse student body.  Moreover, the candidate’s commitment to social justice and unencumbered access to educational opportunities for all students is paramount.  The District 11 community includes a wide array of races, ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, genders and gender identities, and beliefs.  Thus, a demonstrated commitment to equity and inclusion is a must, towards the goal of becoming a truly inclusive community, one in which all students, faculty, and staff are treated with respect and can fully participate in every educational opportunity District 11 offers.  To this end, the candidate’s past performance and scholarship should demonstrate their contributions in understanding the barriers experienced by marginalized groups.  Further, a commitment to public engagement with organizations or community groups serving marginalized populations or extending opportunity to disadvantaged people is required.