Citizens Project helped to reestablish the COS Human Relations Commission!

Success! A broad-based citizens committee has successfully worked to revive the Human Relations Commission for Colorado Springs.  Candidate interviews are currently underway and the new HRC will be up and running soon!

What is the Human Relations Commission?

• Most cities have a Human Relations Commission (HRC) to mediate disputes, help businesses, individuals and agencies resolve issues involving discrimination, and provide city government a greater understanding of how policies and funding affect less vocal minorities. Our city’s HRC was disbanded in the 1990s and it’s time to bring it back.

• The HRC is an all-volunteer committee of nine residents, appointed by the City Council, who have diverse backgrounds and skills in mediation, cultural competency, community leadership, and human services.

• The HRC requires no funding, does not have regulatory power, and will operate like most other city boards and commissions.

How will the Human Relations Commission benefit our community?

• The HRC will hear grievances from any resident or business involving discrimination, and will use mediation and reconciliation to resolve disputes without litigation. Unresolved conflicts may be referred to the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

• The HRC will conduct informed advocacy and educate the business community, nonprofits and the public sector on how to avoid illegal discrimination, and work constructively with employees, clients, customers and citizens with diverse backgrounds.

• The HRC will be a resource for residents affected by the loss of services from recent budget cuts, connecting people with existing services or identifying new needs that nonprofit agencies could address.

• The HRC will promote public-private partnerships to find solutions to community problems and will improve police-community relations by promoting constructive dialogue.

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